Order amid Chaos is a full-service computer and internet consultancy. We provide web development, information architecture, webpage layout, GUI design, HTML coding, graphic design, javascript programming, database design, CGI programming, ecommerce, credit card payment processing, Linux/UNIX system administration, Perl programming, networking, C programming, and internet/intranet security. Our expert developers are skilled in a plethora of programming languages and protocols and will be able to work with you to achieve your business goals using the most appropriate methods for your unique requirements. We will create custom solutions to help simplify and automate your routine tasks, cultivate customer relationships, streamline transaction processing, and maximize your return on your investment.

We recognize that your industry is your specialty and we understand that you may not be well versed in internet technology. That is why we will help you to establish the ideal internet strategy for your enterprise through an analysis of your aims and budget. We will take the confusion out of the internet hype and educate you on the real capabilities of the medium to drive your business further. It is our goal to make the web work for you.